Sir – Working with ethnic minorities is a win-win policy for the city. I was very pleased with the recent statement by councillor Armitage and strongly believe it will be a win-win situation for the city and county. Ethnic minority companies such as ours believe the city must do more to ensure that there is a level playing field. We do not require extra treatment, in the case of MEMO, we do not need it. The measures below are just good business practices and due diligence and will ensure that the council gets value for money. The city should continue to ensure that bids are open, well publicised and sent out as early as possible. It should look carefully at bids that are won year after year by the same company.

All efforts should be made to encourage companies that offer new procedures. Bids should take into account work performed in other boroughs. This process should apply to all organisations it funds. We have observed that bids have been won year after year by the same companies that in some cases, in our view, have failed the city or organisations that put them out. We have lost out with statements like “it is all theory”, because we offer a unique combination of services.

We have lost out because it has been noted that we have not done work locally as if our excellent track record in another borough in England, backed by solid references, is work done in another country.

It has been noted that the city cannot micro-manage projects by third parties even when it provides significant funds for such organisations. I hope that the councillor will follow through the statement to the benefit of all the people in Oxford.

Boima Rogers, Media and Event Management Oxford