Sir – I can remember when station waiting rooms in winter had open coal fires. Today, it seems, you’re lucky to have a waiting room.

I arrived at Goring and Streatley station today after walking 15 miles on the Ridgeway. The temperature was sub-zero, exceptionally cold and, after six hours in the open, I was looking forward to some shelter while I waited for the Oxford train.

Firstly, the loos were locked. And then — to my amazement — so was the waiting room on Platform 3. The train was 11 minutes late — what else? — so I had to wait 30 minutes.

Fortunately I am a fit 68-year-old and was well equipped with winter walking gear. It was still a less than pleasant experience. What if I had been a vulnerable pensioner, or disabled, or a mum with children?

The irony was that there were temporary signs urging passengers to take particular care on the station in bad weather.

John Wright, Oxford