Sir – I was surprised at the prominent position you gave to Robert Triggs’ offensive letter regarding kebab vans in Oxford.

Oxford is not just a city of “ancient colleges” and “famous architectural landmarks” but is a vibrant multi-cultural city made up of many communities who live and work here, enhancing the quality of life for all of us.

Robert Triggs speaks of kebab vans being relocated to areas more in keeping with their “minority appeal”. I have got news for Mr Triggs, many of the customers of these useful and affordable food outlets are university students.

He says that kebab vans are redolent of “Middle Eastern bazaars”. Mr Triggs has clearly never experienced the sensory delights of a Middle Eastern bazaar with its colourful spices and fragrant perfumes. How exciting it would be to really have Middle Eastern bazaars in Oxford!

Caroline Raine, Oxford