IT IS about 10,000 miles away from its Oxfordshire namesake and its residents are only a few inches tall.

But the Abingdon in Australia, despite its seaside location and hot climate, could be wiped off the map.

The Abingdon Miniature Village on the Australian west coast features Mini models of the UK town’s historic buildings, including the County Hall, St Nicolas’ Church, and The Old Anchor Inn.

But the owners have retired and closed the attraction on Tuesday.

And the theme park in Mandurah near Perth, which has had more than 300,000 visitors since opening in 2003, is now up for sale.

Ken Anns, 83, of St Nicholas' Green, Abingdon, visited four years ago.

He said: “We heard about it and when we were going to see our friends in Perth we thought we would go and see it. We spent the day there.

“I am a bit disappointed to hear it has closed but I think it was struggling even then.

“I think people didn’t appreciate how long it took to build these models.”

Owners Ian and Sonia Klopper put the five-acre site up for sale last year but say it may have to be taken apart if they cannot find a buyer.

The couple, who built the models themselves, have never been to Abingdon but picked it as they had heard it had many interesting buildings.

Mrs Klopper told the Oxford Mail: “We’re not sure what will happen to the models yet. Some have taken more than four months to build so we would not like to see them destroyed.

“We have had a number of people interested in buying them individually to place in their own gardens.

“We still hold out hope that someone will buy Abingdon Miniature Village.”

The site also has tiny versions of Market Place shops and a barge on the Thames.

Last night there were calls to bring the models to Abingdon.

Jamie Mclean, landlord of The Old Anchor Inn in St Helen’s Wharf, said: “It is sad it is closing and I would happily help someone perhaps raise some money to bring it over.”

Abingdon town councillor Julie Mayhew-Archer added: “It would be lovely to have something like that here.

“It is credit to Abingdon and makes us realise how lucky we are to have the real thing.”

The park, which is on sale for about £473,000, has more than 40 models of UK buildings, a maze, mini golf, and a tea room.

Paul Townsend, Abingdon Chamber of Commerce president, said: “I don’t know whereabouts it could go or how we would get it here but it would be great to have it.”