THANK you for your article about residents’ parking in Oxford (Oxford Mail, January 30).

Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs) can be very helpful in stopping commuter parking.

But in residential areas like Iffley Fields, that I represent on the county council, CPZs are worse than useless.

The county council scheme will not guarantee local residents somewhere to park.

What is more, the CPZ will cost car-owners £50 a year, plus £16 for visitor parking permits. A single-person household will be allowed only one car-borne visitor a week. A shared adult household will be allowed no more than two cars.

To cater for wider fire engines, the county council scheme will mean more parking on pavements, not less. Streets next to the proposed CPZs, like Ridgefield and Daubeny Roads and Boundary Brook, will have more parking pressure.

I understand that some residents, in places like Divinity Road and St Mary’s Road, find a CPZ appealing. But in Iffley Fields the money would be better spent on pedestrian crossings, cycle parking and yellow lines at junctions, as well as shared-car schemes and improved bus services.

I hope Rodney Rose will listen to the views of local people. So the important thing is that everyone has their say.

As you reported, the consultation is online at: or readers can write to the Highway Enquiries Team, Oxfordshire County Council, PO Box 842, Oxford. OX1 9LL.

JOHN TANNER City Councillor for Littlemore County Councillor for Isis Oxford