I WAS shocked by the appalling treatment of diabetic James Cowley over his insulin and his Medic-Alert bracelet (Friday’s Oxford Mail).

As a wearer of an emblem myself, I would like to know why, if the door staff were so concerned, did they not telephone the number on Mr Cowley’s wallet card? I assume it was in his possession, as I cannot imagine it would not have been – all emblem wearers are advised to carry the card at all times.

This would have given his details to ensure he was a bona-fide wearer and needed the equipment he was carrying.

Medic-Alert is, as you stated, a recognised medical emblem; door staff should be trained in this field and in my view, a full apology and some compensation should be forthcoming to Mr Cowley.

There is also a number to ring on the back of each emblem – all they needed to do was to phone it – that’s what it’s there for!

I know someone who was diagnosed as “drunk” because she was diabetic and did not have one of the life-saving emblems.

I am, by the way, not a diabetic but the last time I was conveyed in an ambulance my Medic-Alert was noted and helped medical staff – as it is indeed designed to do, of course.

Wake up doorman. Shame on you indeed. You should certainly be disciplined. What an appalling fiasco.

DOROTHY HOLLOWAY Wenrisc Drive Minster Lovell