KENNETH F Mitchell (Oxford Mail ViewPoints, February 1) obviously dislikes George Galloway and Mr R Lee with a vengeance: fine, but why so many inaccuracies?

To actually write that the BBC is “so left wing and biased” must be one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Any chance of just one example, please?

I think you’ll find that many Iranian women choose to wear their particular attire – not my taste, I admit, but seemingly the choice of many from that part of the world.

Another falsehood: that Mr Galloway “follows the Iranian line”.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The same falsehood was said about him and Saddam.

Another inaccuracy: if his “outlandish views” are “denied over here”, why does he have a major UK radio talk show on Fridays, attracting record listeners? Isn’t that a tiny contradiction?

Whether Press TV was your cuppa or not, “amateurish” or not, surely shouldn’t we have the choice via the on-off switch? The banning of Press TV might be expected from an awful regime like the Iranian one – but here in the UK?

The correspondent called Mr Galloway’s views “totally anti-British” but he wanted no Afghan or Iranian war. People can choose to conveniently forget the millions of “Johnny foreigner” casualties. What about the hundreds of British troops killed and maimed?

If it was down to the likes of Mr Galloway, and doubtless Mr R Lee, too, there would be no British casualties, so just who is anti-British now?

Press TV was silenced purely and simply as we ratchet up the drums of war, no doubt supported by Mr Mitchell and his like, from the comfort of their front room.

TIM SIRET, Millmoor Crescent, Eynsham