Wayne Campbell admits to being “absolutely delighted” at being selected as one of the competition winners.

He set up Healthy Performance three years ago after working as a sports scientist with players at Derby County Football Club and decided he could transfer his skills into the corporate workplace.

Now he helps firms such as Heinz and Toshiba, as well as many smaller firms, monitor the health of staff to improve their wellbeing and the performance of the company.

The firm now has a £150,000 annual turnover and employs five people, as well as a team of up to 20 consultants.

He said: “If you can make people feel more healthy in themselves, then the chances are they will perform better at work.

“It also helps with morale which is a major factor.”

Mr Campbell, 39, will win three months of free advertising in a campaign running in the Newsquest Oxfordshire title of his choice.

He said: “I am really pleased about the advertising as I am looking to build our team, as well as raising the profile of health and wellbeing at work.”

He also welcomed the free mentoring he will receive from Mr Cross, who mentors several other businesses on a voluntary basis.

He said: “When you are running a business it is difficult to look at it from the outside. Brendon will help me do that. His experience and background will be really useful.”