Setting up Savvy Maintenance and Renovations was a family affair for brothers Stephen, David and James Dunne.

Together they provide a comprehensive service for building, maintenance work for clients, including the Midcounties Co-op, Oxford Castle and Oxford City Council.

The work is split between the trio with David, 33, carrying out maintenance and small building work, and 26-year-old James being responsible for renovations and project management, while Stephen, 36, concentrates on quantity surveying, winning contracts and marketing.

Stephen said: “We set up the business because we realised major building work had been driven by the banks and was drying up. But the maintenance side continued so we set up Savvy to deal with that type of work specifically.”

Mr Dunne is also working on an innovative software package for clients which allows them to contact Savvy immediately with problems or emergencies rather than wait to reach a builder on the telephone.

As for the competition, Mr Dunne is looking forward to working with Mr Urwin.

He added: “Bob will be invaluable to us and the feedback we have had has been great.”