I’M sure many of your readers will enjoy an egg in the morning, so they may be interested to know that an important change takes place this month, affecting the millions of hens who lay them.

As of January 1, it is illegal to farm hens in barren battery cages anywhere in the European Union. As a member of the European Parliament and a free-range egg buyer, I welcome this important piece of legislation that outlaws the worst kind of confinement for hens.

The law still allows the so-called ‘enriched’ battery cage to be used.

This provides additional benefits to hens, such as a perch and scratching area, but it is still a cage that restricts many of their natural behaviours. The Green Party opposes all kinds of intensive farming and believes these cages should also be banned.

A further concern is that despite all producers in the UK being ready for the new law, many farms across the EU are not yet compliant, meaning illegal eggs could end up in food products we eat here.

I’ve raised this issue with the European Commission.

To ensure you’re eating eggs from non-caged hens, join me in choosing eggs labelled: free-range, barn or organic. I hope you’d agree that they leave a good taste in your mouth.

KEITH TAYLOR Green MEP for South East England East Road London