Bea Bradley (Letters, January 5) echoes the feelings of all decent people that PM David Cameron’s proposed attempt to overturn the Hunting Act is spitting in the face of the majority, who have nothing but contempt for those who indulge in this barbaric ritual.

This is also the opinion of most Conservative voters, but Cameron has no regard for democratic values, and Nick Clegg and his Lib Dem poodles can be relied on to abstain from voting. Since Cameron is also supporting the slaughter of our badger population commencing this year, it would appear that he has no respect whatsoever for our wildlife.

It is no coincidence that, according to an RSPCA report, incidents of badger baiting has shown a marked increase recently, despite the fact that it was banned in 1835.

This is entirely a working class ‘sport’, so presumably these vile people believe that their human rights should be respected in the same manner as those involved in hunting.

Cameron would doubtless oblige by also trying to reinstate badger baiting if he thought he had a chance.

I understand that the electorate believe there are more pressing concerns, but anyone who votes for this man or his party must nevertheless accept complicity in this persecution of our wildlife.

PETER LANGLEY Windmill Road Headington