I AM writing in response to (Stadium should be used for speedway, December 14).

If the Oxford Stadium property is not redeveloped for a new and different use, certain participants will have nothing to celebrate.

The greyhounds will continue to suffer injury and death while racing.

As the largest non-profit greyhound protection organisation in the US, GREY2K USA believes greyhound racing is cruel and inhumane and the public’s increasing awareness of that cruelty is contributing to dog racing’s decline.

We cannot fathom our dogs enduring inhumane confinement day in and day out, or facing the risk of injury and death racing around an oval just so people can bet on them.

We do not consider our dogs as investments to be valued only as long as they generate a profit.

Nor can we imagine not caring for our dogs if they become injured or as they age.

That is no way to treat a dog.

I have adopted beloved, retired greyhounds since 1997 and I am a board member of GREY2K USA.

For more information, please visit www.grey2kusa.org CARYN WOOD Board of Directors GREY2K USA Bicester