THE announcement by the Government that culling of our badger population will commence next summer is a declaration of war on our wildlife.

Badger, deer and other creatures have contracted TB from cattle as a consequence of the inhumane and cruel practices of dairy farmers.

The immune systems of cattle are severely impaired and they are therefore constantly pumped with drugs and antibiotics.

Prime Minister David Cameron is only interested in pandering to farmers and bloodsports fanatics, and has no interest whatsoever in the opinion of the British people, who are overwhelmingly opposed to this slaughter.

Eighty per cent of TB is caused by cattle-to-cattle transmission, but Cameron and Co will do nothing to combat this – far easier to slaughter our wildlife than to offend his pals, the farmers.

When this fails, they will start persecuting one of the other species that carry TB.

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman states that she will not divulge the identity of farmers involved in the cull, claiming that their security will be threatened.

The public have a right to know the farmers’ identity in order to boycott their products, and supermarkets should be forced to disclose whether they are selling their produce.

The only solution for those who care about wildlife is to boycott all meat and dairy products, or at least to make a significant reduction in their consumption.

PETER LANGLEY, Windmill Road, Headington, Oxford