OXFORD police officers who saved the life of a suicidal woman have been singled out for their actions.

Pc Shaun Heyns, Pc Emma Fitzsimmonds and Acting Sergeant Mark Rowe were called to a house in Oxford on March 24 after a young woman had texted her grandmother to say she was going to kill herself.

The officers discovered the woman hanging from a tree in the back garden. They quickly cut her down and revived her,saving her life.

Pc Heyns said: “At the time you have to get on with the job and keep professional, but afterwards it affected me a little bit.

“It is quite an emotional experience because it is not something you see on a daily basis – someone hanging from a tree.

“But it feels good that we saved her. It reminds you why you joined the force, to help people.”

The trio were commended for their professionalism during the incident at a special ceremony on Thursday.

Pc Tony Miles, Pc Adam Clark, Pc James Curtis, Pc Lee Sturgeon and Sergeant Andrew Lainchbury were also commended for their “outstanding” bravery during an incident on March 7.

The officers visited a home in Stonesfield, near Woodstock, to arrest a man who had earlier tried to smother his father with a pillow.

But when they entered the house the 43-year-old threatened to harm himself with a kitchen knife.

The officers managed to disarm him, but he produced another knife, which he had hidden on his person, and used it to take his life.

Pc Miles said: “I don't know how to describe how it felt.

“We went from the initial relief of disarming him to him producing a second knife and doing the deed. It was like the world stood still.

“It was probably the most difficult job in five years of being a police officer.”

But Pc Miles denied he had been brave, saying: “It was not about being brave, it was just about trying to help him.”

Pc Paul Young was also recognised for his bravery at the ceremony.

The officer pulled a woman who was attempting to commit suicide on the M40 to safety.

Chief Constable Sara Thornton, who presented the awards, said: “When I hear examples of how officers have gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to help others I am extremely proud of them.”