A MAN who showed his genitals to schoolgirls but was cleared of an exposure charge because he did it “for a giggle” has apologised for his behaviour.

As reported in the Oxford Mail last Friday, 52-year-old Trevor Perry deliberately bent down in small running shorts outside Didcot Girls’ School to expose his genitals.

The married environmental consultant admitted the actions but said his intention was merely to raise a laugh from the pupils.

He was subsequently found not guilty of exposure by magistrates who determined he had not “intended to cause alarm or distress”, as set out in the wording of the charge.

Speaking from his home in Rainow, Macclesfield, Perry said: “I had an illusion that if I made it look accidental it wouldn’t cause distress. That illusion has been shattered.”

Perry, who was visiting Oxfordshire due to a business commitment at RAF Benson, added: “I am deeply sorry that I caused distress, that was never my intention. I have sought treatment and can assure you it will never happen again.”

Despite his acquittal, Perry was given a five-year restraining order excluding him from contact with the girls who saw him and from going within three miles of the school, except when passing through on the A34 or on a train.

Following the trial on November 29, chairman of magistrates Roger Clarke said: “This has not been an easy decision for the three of us to come to.”

He said it was proven that Perry had exposed himself and that his genitals were seen, but added: “You have been consistent throughout that your intent, albeit unacceptable to the average individual in this country, was purely to get a giggle or a laugh.

“We therefore find you not guilty.”

Mr Clarke added: “Obviously this is a case that has caused distress, it has caused alarm, and there may be people in this courtroom who struggle to know how we came to this decision.”

He said the “benefit of the doubt” had to be given to the defendant.

Speaking after the court case, the father of one of the girls who witnessed the act said: “I cannot believe he’s got away without anything.

“I think it’s disgusting. Does that tell everybody else they can do the same and get away with it as long as they say it was for a laugh?”