16.45: The rally is dispersing.

15.37: Gawain Little tells marchers: "This is the most amazing display of strength and solidarity this county has ever seen."

15.21: Between 3,500 to 4,000 people estimated at the rally.

15.18: Marchers arrive at rally point in Broad Street.

15.07: Marchers have come to a standstill the length of Cornmarket from Carfax to Broad Street.

15.01: Police on the ground estimate more than 3,000 people are marching. The march stretchs the length of High Street. The front of the demonstration is reaching Broad Street with shopping on Cornmarket brought to a halt.

14.35: The march is long enough to span the whole length of Magdalen Bridge and back into Cowley Road.

14.27: Easily 1,000 demonstrators.

14.25: Health workers from Headington arrive at The Plain, joined by students and teachers. Traffic at the plain now at a standstill as demonstrators start to cross Magdalen Bridge.

14.21: Large reception of about 400 people at The Plain, including union members and the public waiting for three marches to arrive.

14.13: About 350 people now on Cowley Road march, organisers estimate.

14:05: Local government workers' march leaving Manzil Way, closing Cowley Road, as rain looks imminent.

14.00: Unison senior branch officer at the county council, Janie Slaymaker, said only about 30 people crossed the county council hall picket line, "hardly any turned up for work at Speedwell House and about 40 were at Foxcombe Court in Abingdon.

13.55: About 300 teachers and education workers preparing to set off from Harberton Mead down Marston Road.

13.50: Unison is claiming fewer than 100 workers turned up at Oxford City Council today. Also that only three refuse trucks went out in the city collecting trade waste.

13.33: About 200 union members plus Labour and Green party members are preparing to march from Manzil Way. It starts at 2.15pm with a merger with other marches at The Plain at 2.30pm.