Published in Oxford on paper gleaned from responsible sources Kids Cook the World by Sean Mendez (New Internationalist, £9.99) provides families with a chance to have fun in the kitchen and travel through the world’s cuisines at the same time. It’s one of those books that promotes families cooking together and aims to instil healthy eating habits for life.

This is a timely real life cookbook created by families for families. Children and their parents were brought together on the project by the London-based charity Solidarity Sports. Together they worked through an exciting range of international recipes to decide which worked best for the youngsters.

What you see inside this book is a reflection of this stimulating endeavour, which ended up producing a collection of recipes from around the world, all bursting with flavours representative of different regions.

Colourful step-by-step photographs, and straightforward recipes for each dish mean that even young children will be able to produce delicious meals from this book.

Sean Mendex, of Solidarity Sports, said: “The freedom to experiment make a mess, burn food and cause plenty of spillage was all part of a wonderful learning experience for the young people. At the end of the project we had produced mouth-watering, tried and approved dishes that warranted a place in this book.”