A PROSTITUTE who breeds dogs at her Didcot home was raided by police officers executing a warrant under the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Police officers arrived at Dawn Dunbar’s house in Wessex Road at about 9.30am yesterday after complaints about some of the eight dogs at the property.

In September Miss Dunbar was told by Judge Stephen John that she could not justify charging £20,000 a week for sexual services she provided to shamed director of firm Toys R Us Paul Hopes, who stole £3.7m from his employers.

This month she was ordered to surrender £1.6m in assests, including £400,000, because they were proceeds from Hopes’ criminal activity and more than she could reasonably have expected for her services.

Yesterday a Pit Bull/Bullmastiff crossbreed, was taken away by police on suspicion of being a banned breed.

Experts are now conducting checks on the dog to determine whether it is of “Pit Bull type” and therefore illegal, or whether it is predominantly Bullmastiff and can be safely returned to its owners.

RSPCA inspectors were also present as they continued to investigate allegations that one of Mrs Dunbar’s dogs killed neighbour Lorraine Harling’s Yorkshire Terrier.

RSPCA spokesman Nicola Walker said: “We did attend to look into a separate incident of a dog attacking another dog and as we are currently looking into this it would be inappropriate to make any further comment.”

Police confirmed last night that no one was arrested during the operation.