FIVE flights up, actress Sofia Black D’Elia hangs off a balcony in Jericho for these dramatic scenes in the latest movie being made by young film-maker Vicky Jewson.

The action sequences were shot last week at the Eagle Works apartments for Miss Jewson’s latest movie Born of War.

Miss Jewson, 25, from Boars Hill, made her directorial debut in 2008 with her romantic comedy Lady Godiva, which was largely shot on the streets of Oxford.

Her second effort, Born of War, is also being shot in Oxford as the city features heavily in the plotline.

Last week scenes were shot in Jericho and at the Kasbah café in Cowley Road, Mansfield College, Carmel College, and Home Farm, Farmoor.

Filming has also taken place at Langford Lane, Kidlington, and in a nuclear bunker at RAF Upper Heyford.

Ms Jewson said: “It’s great to be back in the director’s chair, albeit at the helm of a totally different beast. I feel I’ve gone back to my roots with the action genre.

“I wanted the action sequences at the Eagle Works to feel as real as possible, with a strong visceral edge.

“Sofia our actress agreed to do the stunts herself, with no double, even though we were shooting off the balcony five storeys up and using just a wire.

“The reactions we shot are raw and instinctive and give the balcony scenes real power.”

Miss D’Elia added: “Walking on the ledge was really exciting and scary as I’m afraid of heights but I knew I was in the good hands of our stuntman Glenn Marks.”

Miss Jewson held a launch event for investors at North Oxford restaurant Gee’s last year.

She persuaded soldiers from the 4 Mercian Regiment to line the streets outside the restaurant in order to greet potential investors.

Miss Jewson said the plot for her new movie was more hard-hitting than the last.

The film opens against the backdrop of the Soviet-Afghan conflict of 1979.

A young female Red Cross worker has an affair with a Mujahadeen leader and, after becoming pregnant, flees Afghanistan to return home to Britain where she can hide the child.

Twenty years later a young woman, who has no idea of her real identity, enters Oxford University where she is immediately recruited by MI6.

The film follows the heroine as she is used as a pawn by MI6 and is reunited with her estranged father.

For the premiere of Miss Jewson’s last film, based on the legend of Coventry noblewoman Lady Godiva, she persuaded her sister Libby to ride naked through the streets of Oxford on horseback.

Miss Jewson, who attended Wychwood School in Banbury Road, Oxford, raised £1.4m to finance the movie, which premiered in Oxford.

She attended a film-makers’ course at Modern Art Oxford while still in her teens and directed a Second World War film, Lilly’s White, which was screened at The Old Fire Station in George Street.

Assistant producer of Jewson Film Productions Nina Brown said: “Lady Godiva was a success in view of launching the Jewson Film Brand.

“It pushed JFP as a film company into the limelight and gave Vicky a profile as one of the youngest feature film directors in the UK. It has also gone on to do well in DVD sales.

“Born of War is aiming for a nationwide cinema release – there is no release date yet or cinema listings but the film has received very positive feedback from high-profile industry professionals.”