FIVE years ago Dorian Rodney was a man at his wit’s end who felt he had nothing to live for.

The former bouncer had become so desperately depressed with his spiralling £30,000 debt problems he decided to end it all by jumping from the roof of Westgate car park.

But the father-of-three was talked out of his suicide bid by police negotiators.

Since then the 48-year-old has been rebuilding his life with the help of his friends, family and councilling and now has now urged others in desperate situations to seek help.

Mr Rodney, nicknamed Tallbody from his time working the doors around Oxford and Cowley, said it was the police negotiator’s questions about his children which made him see the light.

He said: “I just felt like I was absolutely useless.

“I remember leaving my flat and thinking ‘this is the last time that I will see it’. I took a bottle of spirits, some cans of lager and cigarettes and sat with my legs over the edge thinking ‘I’ll have a fag then jump’ “The police came and started talking to me, asking who I was, what I did, anything to try to bring me back from the brink.

“But it was when they started talking about my kids that something just clicked. I turned round and came back to the right side of the car park.”

Mr Rodney, whose debt related to a series of loans, was detained by police under the Mental Health Act for his own safety and taken to the Littlemore Hospital, where he spent four weeks.

He said it has been a tough recovery but he wants to speak out to other people in his situation to give them hope.

“I got to that point because I was embarrassed about talking about how I was feeling,” he said.

“I want to encourage others to say ‘OK, I am in trouble but I want to move forward’.”

After his suicide attempt Mr Rodney declared himself bankrupt and has being struggling to get on a firm financial footing.

Now unemployed and living in Abingdon, he searched the Internet for money making schemes and was shocked by the number of scams out there.

He now wants to write a book combining his story with tips to make sure people don’t get duped by internet sharks.

Mr Rodney wants anyone who can help to email at dorian@