ANALOGUE channels will be switched off for good in Oxfordshire tomorrow and TV bosses are urging everyone to make sure they are prepared.

BBC2 became the first channel to be switched off at the Beckley transmitter two weeks ago.

The rest of the channels will go over tonight – meaning anyone with a non-digital television will need a Freeview box.

Digital UK spokesman Peter Monteith said: “When people with analogue televisions wake up tomorrow, their screens will be blank.

“We know that by the time switchover happens, 90 per cent of the 400,000 homes covered by this transmitter will already have digital TV.

“But there are 10 per cent of people who won’t. And one thing people always forget is they need boxes for their second and third televisions too.”

Engineers are set to work through the night to make the changes and boost the digital signal.

An official Switchover Help Scheme offers free help to the elderly and disabled, including sending out people to help install new equipment or retune the TV.

Switchover Help Scheme regional manager Ed Jezard said: “We know that some people only realise at the last minute that they could do with some help, even if up until now they thought that they were going to be OK for switchover.”

The scheme is available to anyone aged 75 and over, those who have lived in a care home for at least six months, those who receive some disability benefits, or those who are registered blind or partially sighted. Helpers will be on hand until October 28.

Electrical shops in the county have also reported a “big rise” in the number of people buying digital equipment.

Alan Grosvenor, owner of Sevenoaks Vision & Sound in St Clement’s Street, Oxford, said: “We’ve seen quite a big rise in people deciding now is the time to buy a new television.”

All viewers can call the Digital UK advice line on 08456 505050 or visit Visit or call 0800 4085900.