THERE was double the bubble fun for children at Science Oxford.

The science centre hosted a workshop dedicated entirely to bubbles and how they are formed.

Children aged between four and seven were invited to create some unusual bubbles of their own.

Seven-year-old Katrina Kirby, from Wolvercote, who was there with her mum Liz and brother Bruno, enjoyed plenty of fun making her own bubbles.

She said: “We had a cup with a film made of bubble mixture and we made a caterpillar-like thing, we also made some really big bubbles. I learned that bubbles have got air inside them and it is just a film on the outside. I have been to Science Oxford quite a few times and I enjoy going.”

Dominic McDonald, of Science Oxford, said: “We want children to explore and take delight in the process of exploring. So they were just having fun as they mucked about with bubbles.”