I recently received one of those letters, purportedly from the “Digital Help Scheme”, claiming that as I am disabled, I could have one of my TVs converted to digital, free of charge.

I duly booked an appointment for an engineer to arrive to fit a new aerial, a TV point and a set top box.

Nobody arrived on the appointed day, so I phoned the help-line and re-booked the appointment for yesterday.

The engineer did indeed arrive on the appointed day but right from the outset was totally un-cooperative, finally using the fact that I rent the property I live in as his excuse for refusing to carry out the work.

I threw the so-called engineer out, then phoned the helpline again, only to be given the same sort of lame excuses by the idiot on the line as I’d had from the engineer.

I told said idiot to stop wasting my time and that I’d find an alternative supplier.

My advice to anyone who has received one of these Digital Help Scheme letters would be to throw it straight in the bin and then get a company like Sky or Virgin to actually carry out the work.

MICK WATKINS, Fane Drive, Berinsfield