There is a lot going for Northway.

It is getting a brand new community centre.

Our primary school got much-improved SATs results.

All-weather pitches at Court Place Farm are almost ready.

We are getting Northway Community Association into shape.

I am working hard for a replacement youth club. A new play area for Northway Field will start soon.

Yet some residents are unhappy about any change.

I talked to Kevin McCloud’s team and got the height of some proposed housing reduced but there is a need for balance and give and take.

Oxford desperately needs more housing.

On the other hand, Thames Water has to make our community safe from flooding. Northway Residents Action Group is correct about this.

Alarmist rumours will help no-one.

Nothing has been finally decided about Barton development.

There may be a bus-only link across the ring road but I oppose commuter traffic through Northway.

There will never be a bus route along Meaden Hill/Gouldland Gardens.

This daft rumour came from a member of a working group who should know better.

It has never been proposed as part of the plan.

We can all work together to make Northway an even better place but without scaremongering and with willingness to listen, talk and learn.

ROY DARKE Councillor for Headington Hill & Northway, Edgeway Road, Oxford