Seeing the advert for the Food Fair at Oxford Castle my husband and I came in especially to visit it, but this proved to be a huge disappointment.

There was no time frame given, so on arriving there at 9.45am we presumed that it would be up and ready around that time.

We were greeted by three very helpful young people to find that it was all due to start at 10am.

On the programme, there should have been music starting at 9.30am.

There were only three stalls up and ready for a 10am start, the rest being prepared and there were several that were obviously no shows.

Raymond Blanc was due to perform the opening ceremony but there was no sign of him when we left just after 10am.

I suggest that the organisers take a leaf out of Deddington Farmers Market where all the stall are ready for business at least 15 minutes BEFORE the opening time.

Naturally, there was no festive atmosphere because we were among only a handful of people who had arrived so I hope that later in the day things improved.

H Nason Hempton Banbury