SO NOW we hear that gangs are getting together in prison.

This would never have happened years ago because the ringleaders would have been put in solitary confinement so that they couldn’t incite trouble.

The case of Sofiene Mehnana, the robber who targeted a pensioner after being released from prison for a similar attack, is shocking (Oxford Mail, September 17).

We hear that he told the police: “I don’t care about prison. Two years, three years, prison is easy.”

So this statement from him just about sums up our prison system.

There is something seriously wrong. Whose stupid idea was it for prisoners to have televisions in their cells?

Being locked up and bored was a big part of your punishment.

No way now could we take televisions out of cells because you would have a riot on your hands.

P. HOWARD (Mr) Brome Place Barton Estate Headington Oxford