WITH the current global crisis and the almost certain default of Greece regarding the Euro-zone one has to ask if it will affect us here in the UK?

But why is Greece in this predicament? The main reason is tax evasion, something that is in the Greek psyche, that goes back to the Ottoman empire.

That said, it is the tax-avoiding rich that are the problem, not the ordinary citizen, although it is the ordinary guy that is being penalised, hence the comparison here.

Every house-owning Greek, (the vast majority), is being asked to pay a further 600 Euro, (average), as a stealth tax.

Of course as we can see through our media, the Greeks are having none of it as it is another attribute of their psyche to demonstrate and resist any unfair policy.

Greece is suffering similar austerity measures as the UK.

Unemployment is up to 17 per cent, people are not spending, so the circle of despair goes on.

Here we’ve just seen 140,000 jobs gone. That’s 140,000 less pay-packets for workers to spend and 140,000 more people on benefit.

You don’t have to be an economist to see a problem here.

So if anyone doesn’t see a comparison here in the UK, just check your next utility bills, gas, electric and water.

It also may be worth mentioning the pay-packets of the top earners, the rich elite, up 32 per cent last year in an economic downturn, two per cent average for the workers!

Hopefully readers will make the link.

Point made, I hope?

TIM W SIRET Millmoor Crescent Eynsham