ANY readers casting more than a passing glance at my friend David Diment’s letter, (None of their business, Oxford Mail, September 16) would be forgiven for thinking my larger-than-life friend was something of a curmudgeon.

Objecting to people wishing him a nice day or asking if the quickly waning 24 hours had been pleasant, seems a bit rough.

Getting testy when a girl at the cash out asks if he needs help with packing seems to be churlish to the extreme – and may I say, quite out of character for this gentle giant of a man.

Would he prefer these people to ignore him and converse only with a demand for the cash to cover the cost of the goods? I think not.

Personally I can tolerate anything but indifference and when a number of get-well cards fell through the letterbox after I revealed a month or so ago that I had been having treatment for prostate cancer, my heart was greatly gladdened.

What is more, no card was more welcome than the one from David Diment and his partner, Pauline. Your cover has been blown, David.

A curmudgeon you ain’t!

Peter Unsworth Chipping Warden