WITH regard to your article on digital television (Oxford Mail, September 14), I have had nothing but trouble since its inception.

When digital started, I replaced my existing 7stage Yagi aerial with an aerial as shown in your article, at a cost of £275.

The analogue signal was fine, but when it rained or in high winds, we lost some of the digital with either a bad or no signal.

Taking up the offer to have one set adapted with the digital box at a cost of £40, five visits, plus an extra £31 for an extra aerial and booster, which proved to be useless, although I was able to get my money refunded, the situation is the same.

In rain or wind, we lose channels three, four, five and six plus some higher channels on the DIGI box.

We have been told two different stories.

First: on September 28, all will be well as the signal strength will be boosted.

Second: the signal strength is already at maximum and we will need an aerial amplifier.

The cost of an amplifier is not great, but as I am 85 and partially disabled I will have to pay to have it fitted.

Having already paid more than £300, I bitterly regret the loss of the analogue signal.

Yes, it frees up much air space to be sold off to the highest bidder, but at a cost to many of us.

PETER CASBOLT Boxhill Walk, Abingdon