Grove is being kept in the dark over a major 2,500 home development, councillors say.

The Grove airfield scheme will double the village’s population to 16,000 and provide road infrastructure, primary schools and a secondary school.

But the plan has already been delayed by five years and developer Persimmon Homes has refused to say when it will submit a planning application.

Some 500 of homes were supposed to be built by this year as set out in Vale of White Horse District Council’s Local Development Framework.

A further 1,000 were to be built by 2016 and the final 1,000 by 2021.

The 140-hectare site west of Grove is the council’s most important scheme for meeting housing demands as it will include affordable housing in 1,000 of the homes.

The council is hoping to pressure the developer to bring the application forward as there are currently 2,370 households on the waiting list.

Grove Parish Council chairman Frank Parnell, pictured left, said: “It is just frustrating. Our view has always been we don’t want just a partof the development. We want it all and with it the infrastructure we are lacking at this time.”