MORE than 80 Old Marston residents joined by children’s songwriter Nick Cope, took part in a sing-in to save their library.

The musical session was organised by the Save Old Marston Library group over Oxfordshire County Council’s plans to have volunteers run it two-thirds of the time.

Old Marston parish council chairman Charlie Haynes said: “Relying on volunteers to work by themselves for hours on end is unrealistic.

“There just aren’t that many people with time on their hands to help in this way. This is closure by stealth.”

Children and families enjoyed singing songs with Mr Cope before hearing about ongoing library consultation, said mum-of-two Lynne Gardham.

She added: “We rely on the library and wouldn’t be able to get to any other library easily. It’s just not practical to get volunteers to run this service.”

Mr Cope added: “I’d urge everyone to take part in the county’s consultation to stress that the libraries must be properly funded.”

The consultation closes on September 30. To have your say, see