TWO rapists laughed as they “enjoyed the humiliation, pain and harm” they inflicted on a woman in Cowley.

Teenage asylum seeker Salman Ahmed was jailed for more than five years at Oxford Crown Court yesterday, but his accomplice remains at large.

The 17-year-old, who came to Britain from Iraq in November, took part in the multiple rape of a 23-year-old woman in Church Cowley Road on March 16.

Ahmed, who along with his fellow attacker had met the woman near Templars Square before holding her in a bedroom against her will, earlier admitted two counts of rape.

Judge Anthony King, who lifted reporting restrictions to allow the Oxford Mail to identify Ahmed, said: “These were grave offences.

“When you had no reason to believe that this young woman would consent to any form of sexual contact, you and a man with you took hold of her, detained her and while you lay upon her the other man then raped her.

“Throughout she protested and sought to escape. Once that first man had raped her with your help you then separately raped her while he held her down. That was not enough for you. Both of you then raped her again, each of you assisting the other to do so.

“You were clearly laughing as you were enjoying the humiliation, the pain and the harm you were inflicting upon her.”

He added: “I find that there was an element of pre-planning between you and the other man who has not yet been brought to justice.”

Prosecutor Ian Hope said: “Both men were laughing as they did this to her and told her ‘you have been making two guys happy’.”

He said the pair had been drinking but the victim was sober.

Jeannie Mackie, defending, said her client was previously “without sexual experience” and suffered “an alcoholic blackout” meaning he could not remember the incident at all. He pleaded guilty when DNA evidence linked him to the crime.

She said: “Alcohol has been an issue in my defendant’s life. Although he comes from a Muslim family he had not drunk alcohol until November 2010 when he came to this country, and alcohol has become a problem.”

Ahmed was sentenced to five years and three months in a young offenders’ institution.

Judge King told him it was “extremely likely the Home Office will have you deported as soon as you have completed the custodial part of your sentence”.

Ahmed was also placed on the sex offender register for life.