DETERMINATION achieves so much in the world and today we report on two sterling examples.

Charlie Leach is a determined young man who is refusing to let the diagnosis of a rare form of cancer ruin his life.

Less than three people out of a million have liposarcoma, a cancer of the fat cells.

One moment he was aiming to become an engineer in Formula 1 racing. The next his whole world was turned upside down.

He has finished his intensive radiotherapy treatment and is to return to a course at Oxford and Cherwell Valley College.

So many people are inspirational with the way they cope with such devastating news and the battling spirit they show must go some way towards prolonging their life.

The county is also playing host currently to TV star David Walliams.

The Little Britain star is swimming down the Thames — about 140 miles — to raise money for the charity Sport Relief.

It’s not a task many of us would readily throw ourselves into, but Walliams is using his fame to make a difference where he can.

Two people from different backgrounds and with different goals and challenges, yet united in inspiring us all.