I WAS astounded to learn that Oxfordshire County Council are still pursuing a case against Waterstock Golf Club for dumping so-called ‘waste’ (Oxford Mail, August 23) at a £200,000 cost to the local taxpayer.

What the council refers to as waste was already dumped by contractors after the building of the M40 and no action was taken against them at that time.

In any case, it was used to sculpt a golf course and covered over with grass, so where is the problem?

The brothers, who own the course are convinced that all that was originally put onto the site has now been removed and put into landfill at OCC’s insistence. I thought councils were doing everything they could to prevent materials going into landfill and encouraging recycling. Here they are doing the opposite.

This matter has clearly got out of hand, and the two sides should be able to reach a compromise without heavy-handed court action.

What are the council officers thinking of in threatening to jail people for putting soil on top of soil and covering it with grass?

COLIN WOODLEY, Holland Road, Abingdon