OWING to the ongoing gas pipe work taking place in Nowell Road in Rose Hill Estate they have had to close part of the road and re-route the number 20 bus to go down Rivermead Road on its way to Cowley Centre.

When this service was started just after 12 months ago we were informed that it would serve Rivermead Road as the old Heyfordian bus service used to, but it never did.

After enquiring why, we in Rivermead Road were told that owing to the amount of cars in the road the bus might not be able to get through in places.

But the service is running very efficiently with no problems at all in Rivermead Road and surrounding areas nearby.

So why not continue to serve Rivermead Road and help gain a few more passengers like me, who because of a disability, has to walk up to the Oval to gain access to this bus service.

After all it is working perfectly at the moment so why change it?

AW HARBERT, Rivermead Rd, Rose Hill, Oxford