THE case for efficient, adequately resourced and motivated public services is neither hard to explain nor difficult to justify, especially in the light of recent social unrest in our cities.

The positive case for the public sector by recent administrations has simply not been understood.

The usual Tory doctrine believes that the world divides neatly into ‘assets’ and ‘liabilities’.

For them, the private sector, is the former and the public sector is the latter.

Therefore, the inevitable conclusion, as was in the 1980s under Mrs Thatcher, public sector spending will only be reduced.

If the UK is to prosper with a modern mixed economy, future administrations need to offer up a new commitment.

With economic success, social cohesion will follow.

The unique contribution that an efficient and appreciated (ie to praise the workers and not blame them) public service ensures unity in communities.

Hence, what is urgently required, is an increase, now, in the police on the beat and appropriate punishment for criminals, including withdrawal of their Human Rights.

Controversial? But this is indeed a controversial and litigious world.

JOHN MADEN, Oxford UKIP Montagu Road, Botley, Oxford