ERESA Dunsdon is absolutely right when she says that cars should not be parked at the western end of Harefields, at the junction with the Banbury Road (Oxford Mail, August 25).

Her husband and many others have told me and my fellow councillors about the hazards caused by this inconsiderate parking. We have asked the county council, whose responsibility it is, many times to put yellow lines there. So far we have not had any success; but it is not for lack of asking.

The Neighbourhood Action Group, chaired by the local police, has taken this on board and has joined the clamour for some yellow lines. But the lack of serious accidents means that the county council does not see it as a priority.

There should be yellow lines here to stop cars from parking near the junction. This parking can delay the No 17 bus and we have raised this as a strong reason for preventing obstructive parking, as this is a subsidised service which must keep to time.

We will keep asking and hope that this can be one of the schemes funded from a new pot just available for city traffic schemes. We have already flagged this up as a priority concern and will continue to press for it until it is addressed.

JEAN FOOKS, Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Summertown and Wolvercote