OXFORD residents drank beer made from their own hops grown on their own estate this weekend.

Rose Hill residents gathered on Saturday to toast farewell to an art project that has lasted more than a year.

Artists Leora Brook and Tiffany Black were appointed as artists-in-residence at Plot 16 on the Lenthall Road allotments in March 2010.

They have created a miniature version of Modern Art Oxford by covering a metal frame in hops.

Some of their crop was then turned into beer, which was used to toast the project at a party on Saturday.

Ms Black said: “It was fantastic. We had more than 100 people, which is very good for something we have never done before.

“It was a very special evening. What was very exciting was how the event brought together different groups of people.

“It brought together people from Rose Hill, people who like growing vegetables and people who like art.

“I don’t know if it is art but it is a way of bringing people together. I don’t know if it was the beer that managed it.

“The Lenthall Road Allotment Association didn’t know what to expect but they allowed it to happen. Not only that but they were very supportive.”

Hop Fest featured vegetable-based poetry from Matt Black, accompanied by Bruno Guastalla on cello, music from street band Horns of Plenty and some morris men.

More of the Lenthall Road hops were also picked during the celebration.

The beer – named Plot 16 – is a 3.4 per cent green hops beer that was created thanks to the Shotover Brewing Company in Horspath. Modern Art Oxford in Pembroke Street was itself a brewery in the 1800s. The gallery took over the building in 1966.

The artists researched the history of the building and were inspired to create a 25ft high image of it in hops.

Their project was part of Modern Art Oxford’s Art in Rose Hill project.