ANN Hyde lived to regret the day she forgot to take her hanky to school.

She writes: “All the girls had to have ‘hanky bags’ and these were inspected every morning.

“One day I opened mine and there was no hanky!

“The punishment was three slaps on my arm – the finger marks lasted most of the day.

“I never forgot my hanky again and to this day, I never leave home without one.”

Ann, now Ann Collcutt, of Templars Close, Wheatley, has sent in this picture of her class at East Oxford School in Union Street in the early 1950s.

She recalls: “The teachers I remember in the infants’ school were Miss Lambourne, Miss Ferriman and Miss Golder.

“Miss Lambourne, the headmistress, was a large lady all dressed in black from top-to-toe. Quite scary but a good teacher.

“At five years old, the school day was from 9am to noon and 2pm to 4pm. On our return from lunch, camp beds were ready for pupils to have an afternoon nap. As we had all had a large meal, we were tired, except some of the boys.

“On my way back to school after lunch, there used to be an organ-grinder in Union Street and I always had a penny to give him.”

Teachers in the senior school included Mr Martin, Mr Jenkins, Mr Uren, Miss Hughes and Mr Rolston.

“Mr Martin was a good headmaster and we always had a big May Day. I was one of the attendants one year and it was lovely being dressed in white.

“All the flowers were bluebells, cowslips and primroses – flowers we could pick in the woods.

“We had nature walks when we had to collect flowers – to press – and leaves which we then had to write about.

“Not all the teachers were liked. Mr Jenkins liked throwing blackboard cleaners – mostly at boys who were disruptive – and Miss Hughes was into sport and health. She thought a cold bath every morning was a good idea.

“Most of the teachers were good and taught us well. Some were too strict, some were too lenient but most were fair. We all left school able to cope in the big wide world in some way or other.”

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