READERS may remember the recent visit by the Chinese Prime Minister when he appeared on television looking thunderously angry.

He delivered a curt and scathing speech about Britain’s arrogance on world affairs.

He had come to discuss trade and commerce with our Prime Minister.

David Cameron foolishly ruined this golden business opportunity to improve our finances by giving the weary traveller a lecture on Chinese human rights policy. This was the acme of poor judgement.

He should have put his youthful idealism aside and concentrated on wooing the wealthy growing tiger economy.

Great Britain is in no position to adopt the moral high ground anyway after kettling student protesters for hours. It was ludicrous to insult the Chinese Prime Minister on his trade visit. As a result of this dreadful miscalculation China pointedly gave a huge trade deal to Germany instead of to the UK.

David Cameron needs to try and make amends for his faux pas as the emerging economies are in the Far East and our country is no longer a great imperial force on the world stage. China deserves praise for its fabulous achievements rather than derogatory remarks. It is a model of organisation to be copied rather than criticised.

SUSAN THOMAS Magdalen Road Oxford