Has David Cameron lost the plot? The Prime Minister stated while co-hosting a major international summit to build support for the Libyan fledgling rebel administration, that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi is a ‘monster’ and the world will be better off without him.

Why would he state such a thing, about another man’s life, at an international summit? Does he think he is saying what other countries want to hear?

How come the death penalty is not allowed in this country, but we quite openly condone other countries using it, and state that a human being should not be alive.

Our Government is hypocritical. For all intents and purposes the sinking of the Belgrano by Margaret Thatcher was genocide and a war crime.

There are still doubts about the invasion of Iraq was legal, even though British law says otherwise, and the British government licensed millions of pounds in arms to the Sri Lankan regime despite suggestions that they may have been used in war crimes.

Why was no one taken to task?

Can I suggest that the classification of a monster depends which way you are looking at it and which countries’ side you are on.

Cameron is following on the bandwagon of Blair, Thatcher and a few more of our own dictators in their own right.

The difference is that we elect our dictators!

John J Monaghan Cotman Close Abingdon