Practically all our village’s telephone lines suddenly disappeared on August 18. This was discovered trying to make an emergency appointment at the health centre in Witney.

After several attempts by a kind neighbour who actually had a phone, we were told the problem was outside the house and an engineer was at work.

Later that day I found out from an enraged person who had used all her mobile credit it would be four days before the fault was fixed.

Both shops in the village were unable to access card payments and my 81-year-old friend (severely disabled) was also unable to contact her disabled son, doctor etc.

I furnished her with a spare mobile in case. Mobiles are handy but expensive to use and not everyone has them.

So far we have had no explanation as to the cause of the problem, i.e. theft, cut cable, water damage, and no explanation for the length of time taken to repair. This is absolutely appalling. I appreciate these things happen but this is not the dark ages – why are we being kept in the dark as to what is going on? BT pull your socks up!

DOROTHY HOLLOWAY Wenrisc Drive Minster Lovell