Your government is privatising the NHS and cutting £20bn from the budget at the same time. We were told before the election that ‘the NHS is Nicola’s number one priority’, yet you have voted for both the privatisation and the cuts.

The Health and Social Care Bill currently going through Parliament is a serious threat to our health service.

The aim seems to be to set up a fully fledged commercial market.

If the bill is passed, it will badly affect people all over Oxfordshire. The medical journal The Lancet has said this bill could mean the ‘end of the NHS’.

Surveys show that people in England do not want the NHS turned into a market. Polls have also shown that the electorate do not trust the Conservatives on the NHS, so voting for this Bill may damage your position locally.

Please stand up for your constituents by voting against the Health and Social Care Bill tomorrow. Oxfordshire MPs should be protecting our NHS – not selling it off.

KATHERINE WEDELL (National Advocacy Council Member, Action Duchene) KATHRYN ERANGEY (Founder, Autism Oxford) GWYN HUISH (Chairman, Diabetes UK (Oxfordshire)) LIZ PERETZ (Keep Our NHS Public) STUART WHITE (Member of Muscular Dystrophy Campaign) PAUL SCARROT (Champion, My Life My Choice) Dr MAHMOOD BHUTTA (Research Fellow, Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences) CAROLINE RAINE (Oxfordshire Anti-Cuts Alliance) LIZ ELY (Oxford Save Our Services)