RESIDENTS have called for the removal of speed bumps along a busy main road through Barton.

People living either side of Bayswater Road have claimed the bumps are leading to sleepless nights and are shaking the foundations of their homes.

The road leads off the busy Headington roundabout, through Barton, and past Oxford Crematorium.

About 75 people have signed a petition which has been delivered to Oxfordshire County Council, the highways authority.

Grandmother-of-two Debbie McFarlane, who launched the petition, said: “Everybody along the road agrees with me.

“Sometimes the whole house shakes.

“I also think it is disrespectful for the funeral processions to have to go over the bumps.”

Van Coulter, an Oxford City councillor for Barton And Sandhills, said: “I fully agree with the concerns expressed by residents.

“The petition addresses a simple issue which is clearly of strong concern to residents.

“The problem comes when a lorry passes over the bumps.

“I have been down there and heard it so it must be awful for the people living along the road.”

Mr Coulter added: “We need a more acceptable solution to change the behaviour of motorists.

“While speed bumps might meet the objective of calming traffic, they agitate residents. This is unacceptable.”

The three road bumps were installed 17 years ago by the city council when it had responsibility for traffic calming measures.

They were installed in a bid to reduce speeds along with a raised pelican crossing and a raised entrance to a small roundabout at the junction with Stowford Road.

A county council spokesman said it would take residents’ views into consideration.

He added: “The council is always happy to receive petitions on any subject from anybody.

“Officers would be pleased to meet with those involved in this particular petition to discuss any issues that they might have in relation to speed bumps on Bayswater Road.”