THE new Enterprise Zone is nothing but good news, particularly if the estimate of more than 8,000 jobs comes true.

The real value, though, is perhaps not immediately obvious.

Yes, having new high-tech companies with highly-skilled workers is a boon, both economically and prestige-wise.

But the real benefit to Oxfordshire today is deeper. These companies won’t just be hiring brainboxes.

There will be a whole host of workers hired in other roles, which can only be of benefit to local jobseekers, particularly given the current economic climate.

And, of course there is the secondary trickledown.

A massive influx of workers will have benefits to other companies and industries, particularly the retail sector.

The crucial thing highlighted by Milton Park Managing Director James Dipple is the infrastructure which is needed.

Just as with the expansion in the west of the county with RAF Brize Norton, houses and schools are key – and will need to be in place as quickly as possible.