IN HIS ‘state of the nation’ speech at Witney, David Cameron spoke of “people showing indifference to right and wrong, people with a twisted moral code and people with a complete absence of self restraint”.

The recent scenes of looting shown were appalling and totally inexcusable, but in using the words quoted above, he might just as well have been describing the MPs whose “mistakes, oversights and omissions” showed that they had reaped thousands of pounds of our money when their abuse of the Parliamentary expense system was exposed.

He might also have been speaking of bankers’ obscene bonuses from banks which have been bailed out, again with our money.

Many people with whom I have spoken about the recent disgraceful events can see little difference in principle between the lootings and the gluttonous MPs who apparently are allowed £400 per month for food, something which us mere mortals have to pay for out of our incomes, pensions or benefits.

The proposal to evict from social housing the families of those found guilty of antisocial behaviour is completely wrong and smacks of the repulsive.

If adopted, is this form of punishment also to be imposed on MPs who claim for non-existent mortgages?

If guilty, are they to be evicted from the second homes paid for, furnished and maintained by the long-suffering taxpayer? I doubt it!

GORDON CLACK Witney Road Ducklington