CLEARLY, Mr Cameron had not watched the BBC programme Young Voter’s Question Time last week (still available on BBC iPlayer until tomorrow) or he would not have made such an inept speech.

The programme made it very clear that there is a very complex picture behind the riots and some of the picture is highly uncomfortable for politicians – ie bad role modelling through the expenses scandal and the hacking scandal (creating a nasty triangle of media, politicians and police).

Cameron has little credibility to work with, given his friendship with Rebecca Brooks and his error of judgment about Andy Coulson.

The BBC programme showed what needs to be put right, and it is not simply parenting.

There are many weighty issues: the whole attitude towards material wealth in our society, unequal treatment by the law (eg letting bankers and tax evaders get off lightly, but prosecuting rioters who steal bottles of water), police behaviour towards black people (stop and search, for example), lack of education and opportunities for young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

I recommend that every politician and every journalist commenting on the riots watches this programme first before they make any statements.

MARGA BEUTH Manor Close Appleford