SEVEN people have already been arrested in Banbury after “copy cat” disturbances of national riots, and more will follow say police.

A group of 31 yobs congregated in Market Place last Tuesday night and a wheely bin was thrown through an empty shop window.

The Oxfordshire Furniture shop was vacant, but has a door leading into the Castle Quay shopping centre.

Police had dispersed a crowd from the Lockheed Close retail park, but think the young people regrouped in the town centre, in Bridge Street.

Det Insp Steve Duffy said: “About 11.30pm, there was then a significant change in the attitude of the crowd and it was joined by a few other protagonists and people started to mask-up and be challenging with police.

“That’s when they caused the damage. Police were two seconds behind them and they didn’t get a chance to get into the shopping centre. There were only a few out of the crowd who wanted to stand their ground and everyone else dispersed when the police arrived.”

Four people were arrested and one has been charged with possession of an offensive weapon, a small lock knife.

Det Insp Duffy said: “It looks like half that crowd may face charges. It’s making sure people are aware – if they thought there were no consequences to being involved in this they are wrong.”

Police commended parents and residents who contacted them during the disturbance.

Supt Howard Stone said: “There were Facebook campaigns to start riots in Banbury but only 31 turned up out of a population of almost 50,000 and officers took care of them.”