I agree with Ray James, chairman of the Rose Hill Tenants and Residents’ Association, that street wardens should be given more power (Oxford Mail, July 19).

All they can do is to report incidents to the police. This isn’t satisfactory as the impact is lost and their status undermined, they should have the power to issue warnings and in extreme cases impose fines.

Undoubtedly their presence on the streets has helped to reduce antisocial behaviour, but their success has had the effect of their numbers who patrol the streets being reduced.

I hoped that wardens appointed to a particular area would have stayed in that area, as I believe that residents and young adults bond easily and are freer with their problems with someone they know. Similarly wardens come to know their area and its hot spots.

However, with the introduction of PCSOs, the warden’s role has somewhat diminished.

Duties they could perform are to make a note of premises whose front gardens are in a bad state, overgrown hedges and trees whose branches block footpaths and dangerous areas of footpaths could be noted and reported to the departments responsible.

To carry out the above duties, Oxford City Council must give the street wardens their support and the powers that go with it.

VIM RODRIGO Rivermead Road Rose Hill