Sir – In the light of the countrywide riots, it is ever more clear that closing down most of Oxfordshire’s 20 youth centres to focus on six hubs, where the plan is for the most needy young to be taken to, is unwise at the moment.

I understand that one Oxfordshire town is taking over the running of its youth centres, surely Oxford city could do the same?

Instead, at the moment, Oxford city’s Labour council is insisting on building a £9m swimming pool, plus interest, on the outskirts of Oxford in Blackbird Leys.

Residents there are now mounting a legal protest to preserve the proposed site as a Town Green. There is already a swimming pool in Blackbird Leys.

Meanwhile, 12,000 people have signed a petition to save Temple Cowley swimming pool. These localised outlets for exercise, as well as libraries, are a focus for their communities, they are convenient, they are accessible.

If democracy means anything, have not the public already expressed their opinion? All this is yet another example of the lack of joined-up thinking between the county and the city, because the county has all along planned to keep Temple Cowley library open.

Rosanne Bostock, Oxford